Product stewardship portal: results of industry consultation

A web-based product stewardship Portal is being developed by Infoactiv to support the understanding and implementation of product stewardship by Australian businesses.

This report provides an overview of the objectives and proposed content of the Portal. It also presents the results of the initial industry consultation that was undertaken, with the support of the Department of Environment and Energy, to inform and guide its development.

The consultation involved an on-line survey, which received 89 responses from a diverse range of industry sectors and professions. Follow up interviews were conducted with 20 individual business representatives to explore some of the issues in more depth.

The feedback from industry stakeholders was generally positive, with most respondents expressing interest in a web-based resource for information and advice on product stewardship. Respondents were particularly interested in accessing relevant standards, guidelines, legislation, product-specific information and a directory of service providers.

While not rated as highly as other aspects of the Portal, over two-thirds of survey respondents said they or their colleagues would be likely to use a self-assessment tool (‘health-check’) that helped them improve their organisation’s understanding and capability in product stewardship.

Download a copy here.

Posted by steve macintype 4:24am 24th July 2017